Visit here often to see photos, video, and other media featuring Do-Gooder Consulting. 

Do-Gooder Consulting is on Twitter and Facebook, so we hope you will like to follow us!


We also want to explain our our internet presence is various fields.


Our website is found at here at and has the basic information about our services.


We also maintain a blog, whch you can bookmark at and this is where we will give free advice in detailed articles.


On Twitter, @dogooderchicago, we send out short messages, such as reminders of meeting where we will attend (such as Chicago’s Urban Youth Network and the Illinois College Access Network). We may also re-tweet relevent items, and other short thoughts and important links.

We also pre-schedule Tweets using Twuffer, so we can help get you information when you need it.

Our tweets are also automatically posted on our Facebook company Page. We’ll use that page to also post polls, provide links to important items (with our own insight regarding the link), and items for discussion.


We can also interact with you as a Facebook Friend, with the ID of Do Gooder. We post tweets, similar to the page, but also have to the ability to message and realtime live chat with you as well.


If all of these technologies seems confusing, we also provide consulting to help you sort through it, and help you use it to benefit your organization.


You can also reach us in the “ancient” ways of snail mail, phone or e-mail.


Do-Gooder Consulting

P.O. Box 199233

Chicago IL 60619-9233



We look forward to hearing from you!
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