Non-Profit & Church Management

Churches and nonprofit managementNon-profit & Church Management

Do-Gooder Consulting utilizes past experience, good and bad, to help you achieve the best experience with your non-profit.

Our focus in this category is to help you attain best practices in working with a non-profit .

Many who start non-profits have the right heart, but they might not be wired to handle the administrative needs that go along with starting and growing a non-profit.  Do-Gooder will help you build a better foundation.

We will sit down with you and map out strategies to help you achieve success, as well as foster genuine relationships in your community.

Some of what we can do:

  • Review your church structure
  • Map out strengths and needs
  • Strategizing networking opportunities
  • Establish a basic website for your church, with tags to help search engines find you.
  • Seminars on: The FInancial Aid Process, Choosing the Right College, The 4 Steps to Go to College

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