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Do-Gooder President JP Paulus presenting at a workshop

Do-Gooder President JP Paulus presenting at a workshop

Christian Community Development Association National conference workshop presenter = 2012

Illinois College Access Network conference presenter = 2013 and 2014

Tutor Mentor Conference workshop presenter = 2013 and 2014


Jonathan Brooks - Pastor of Canaan Community Church“JP Paulus is a lover of God, community and people. He has worked with our congregation to bring missions groups to serve in our community as well as provided a Free FAFSA workshop for college students in our community. I highly recommend Do-Gooder Consulting for those who are looking for someone passionate about community transformation.”Jonathan Brooks, pastor of Canaan Community Church (Chicago IL)


JP Paulus, president of Do-Gooder Consulting, has been featured by local media outlet Zack’s TV. We are grateful for Zack Isaac’s coverage of our community.

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  1. Kelvin Gold says:

    I knew JP when I was a student at Northwestern over 15 years ago. Even back then he was PASSIONATE about his community. There was this one person he really invested a lot of time in, who was bipolar, and I could really tell how much effort he put into trying to help this person even when times were tough. Out of all the varied people I remember from my college years, JP stands out like a shining star! — Kelvin Gold, MD, hospitalist at Olean General Hospital (Olean NY)

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