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Do-Gooder Consulting can provide you with a basic web site, to establish your presence on the internet, for as low as just $15 a month! (For churches & non-profits)

Some people believe that you have to have a great web site with all the bells and whistles or it’s all over for you.  They essentially say you have to spend a lot of resources or people will turn away from your business forever. They say a bad website will drive away business. But if someone is searching for you on the web, and don’t find you, will they be any more likely to search for you again?  The answer, most likely, is no.

Our philosophy is different…people are searching for information on what you provide. Sure, a fancier web site with slicker graphics will make a few more people more interested. But the bottom line for most customers searching the web for an organization like yours –do I find out what I need to know?  And that’s through the actual words, whether the look flashy or artistic or not.  Click here for a sample web site.

We have included some questions that potential customers will be looking to have answered.

When you become successful, we then actually encourage you to go with another service to upgrade (if your needs change). But for now, you are on a tight budget, and need to start where you are, and plant some roots on the Internet.

After providing us with some basic content (answering a few simple questions, and sending in some photos if you have any), we should be able to get you up and running within 72 hours.

We will also show you how to send text messages for your customers for free.

At the conclusion of your payment of our services, we will be happy to sell you the domain rights, so that you may use that with any other web design and/or hosting service you wish, as well as all graphics and other material that came with your website. .

Note: We reserve the right to produce web sites for multiple political candidates running for the same office (or none at all). However, all confidential information will remain confidential, and will  not be for sale. We will also not promote slander or libel, but instead focus on the positive aspects of a candidate.

The process is simply 6 steps. See below for pricing.

1. Contact Us. Lewt us know you’re interested, and how we can contact you further.

2. We will interview you for 15 minutes to get an idea of what would work best for you.

3. Send us your content. Whether photos, or menus or other information we have agreed upon, we can put that information into your website.

4. We build your website.

5. You review your web site.  Make sure it’s something that will be helpful to your organization.

6. We publish your website, and get it connected to search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Type of questions customers ask
Business Question
Political Candidates What office are you running for?What do you stand for?How can I contact you?
Restaurants What do you serve?Where can I go and get it?When can I come and get it?How much is it going to cost me?
Churches When are your main services?Where can I go to your services?Who is your pastor?What do you believe?

How can I contact you?

Non-Profit Organizations Who do you serve?Where do you serve?When you serve?How can I help/donate?How do I contact someone for more information?

If these questions are answered, core clientle will come to you.  From here, you can build your income base.


We look forward to serving you.

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